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    What Does nine.ch Mean by Managed Service?

    In today’s blog post we will be taking a closer look at the topic of managed service. We want to give you an idea of what nine.ch means by managed service and what benefits this has for you as a valued customer of nine.ch.

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    Linux turns 25

    It all started with Linus Torvalds simple announcement in the comp.os.minix newsgroup that he was working on an open-source operating system for 386(486) AT clones. In just a few years, a hobby project evolved to become Linux, which runs on about a third of all servers worldwide and 98.8% of the top 500 systems.

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    nine.ch opens its doors for Informatiktage

    The greater Zurich region will be hosting Informatiktage for the first time on June 3rd to 4th 2016. Over two days, more than 70 companies will open their doors to interested visitors and offer an exciting glimpse into the fascinating world of computer science.

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    PHP 7.0 is here!

    We now offer the latest version of PHP! You can upgrade directly from 5.5/5.6 to the new version 7.0.

    PHP version 7.0 is now available to our customers. You are free to continue using version 5.5/5.6, but this is not possible in all cases. In this blog post, we will explain which situations allow this, what limitations there are, and the benefits of using PHP 7.0.

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    New: 1 Gbps flat inclusive

    We are pleased to inform that starting from 1 April 2016, all nine.ch products (except BGP-Transit) have 1 Gbps flat traffic included.

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